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6 Causes for a Front Load Samsung Washer Leaking Water

A leaking washing machine can certainly feel unexpected, but the solutions are often easy to control and implement. Obstructions, overloading, or damaged hoses are some of the most common causes for a front load Samsung washer leaking water. We’ll examine each possibility and it’s solutions so laundry day becomes routine again.

Why Is My Front Load Samsung Washer Leaking Water?

As attractive and efficient as front load washers can be, their design can make them prone to leaks. We’ll review the areas typically responsible for a Samsung front load washer leaking water and how they can be fixed and prevented.

Front Load Washer Door Obstructed

A Samsung door boot seal often acts as a catchall for debris that can cause obstructions. While objects such as clothing, coins, and buttons can cause blockages, even strands of hair or thread can as well. When this happens you’ll notice water leaking from the front load washer door.

To solve the problem, check the door boot seal for foreign objects, hair, or other debris and remove them immediately. To prevent further obstructions, it’s recommended that you check the seal after each wash cycle.

front load washing machine leaking

Hose Not Connected Properly

Why is water leaking from the bottom of my washing machine? This usually happens if a washer hose isn’t properly connected. Hoses must meet certain specifications to function properly and avoid leaks. Here’s what to look for when checking your hose connection:

  • Check the hose to make sure it’s inserted in the drainpipe between 6-8 inches. More than 8 inches can create a siphoning effect that disrupts the washer. A hose inserted less than 6 inches may cause it to fall out, spilling water.
  • Make sure the hose isn’t airtight in its connection. When it’s too tight, suctioning can occur that can also create a siphoning effect.
  • Confirm that the drain hose is the right height. It should be between 18 and 96 inches from the floor, without the use of an extension, to drain properly.
  • Refrain from removing the drain hose holder at the back of the machine. While this small screw and plastic ring may lessen the hose’s reach, it’s essential to proper draining.

Bent or Damaged Washer Hose

In addition to an improper connection, a bent or damaged washer hose can also be responsible for a front load washing machine leaking water. Inspect the drain hose, carefully straightening any bends or kinks. If damage such as holes or tears are found, the drain hose must be replaced.

Washer Is Overloaded

Routinely overloading your washer can cause the machine to wobble more than usual during wash cycles. When this happens, the machine can become off-balance, resulting in leaks.

Avoid overloading by making sure your wash loads don’t overfill the washer tub. We suggest filling the tub only ¾ of the way full with each load. Wash large items like towels and bedding on their own to avoid overcrowding.

front load samsung washer leaking

Washer Isn’t Level With the Floor

When a washer is off balance, or not level with the floor, it can be the cause of your front load Samsung washer leaking. While most washers vibrate slightly during a wash cycle, over time these vibrations can cause the washer to be off-balance. First, make sure the floor underneath your washer is dry and even. If there are no flooring issues, the following assessments can ensure that your washer is level:

  • Ensure that the washer has at least 1 inch of separation from the dryer or any walls
  • Make sure the washer’s 4 legs have firm contact with the floor. If one leg wobbles, make sure the others are as short as can be before lengthening the wobbly leg.
  • The shorter the legs, the more stable your washer can be. When making any adjustments, aim to keep the legs as short as possible.

Detergent Drawer Not Closed

Lastly, if you notice your front load Samsung washer leaking from the detergent dispenser it’s likely that the drawer isn’t closed properly. After loading the dispenser, make sure it’s securely closed before starting a wash cycle.

Only use HE detergent, in the proper amounts, with an HE washer. Regular detergent, or excessive amounts of any detergent, can cause oversudsing that can also result in leaks.

If your front load Samsung washer leaking water continues you may need the help of a washer repair service. Aviv Service Today can assist with any washer repair.