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how do steam ovens work
Appliance Tips

Appliance 101: How Do Steam Ovens Work?

Along with juicers, air fryers, and individual blenders, steam ovens have become a kitchen trend that emphasizes healthier eating and cooking. How do steam ovens

american brand gas range

Top 4 Best American Made Gas Ranges

When it comes to purchasing a major appliance like a gas range, you can’t go wrong with American made ranges. But what are the best

must have kitchen appliances in 2018

Must Have Kitchen Appliances in 2018

Is it time to remodel your kitchen or upgrade your appliances soon? We’ve put together a list of kitchen appliances that stand above the rest.

Best Laundry detergent

Best Laundry Detergent

Do you choose your laundry detergent by smell or effectiveness? Sure, you want the laundry to smell good and make your clothing soft, but there

Dryer Buying Tips 2017

Dryer Buying Tips 2017

So your dryer is on the outs and you’re thinking it’s probably time for a new one. However, you’re reluctant because you haven’t purchased a

Best Ovens baking

Best Ovens for Baking

Thinking of upgrading your oven before the holiday season? Whether you’re planning a huge holiday feast or baking special treats, you need to make sure that your oven is up to the task. We found four of the best ovens for baking.

Best Refrigerators Under 1000

Best Refrigerators for Under $1,000

Buying a new refrigerator can be difficult when you are on a tight budget. In most cases, repairing your refrigerator is the most affordable option.

non-toxic baking pans

Best Non-Toxic Baking Sheets

If you’re doing everything you can to eat a clean and healthy diet, then you may be wondering if an investment in non-toxic baking sheets

Where to buy water to filters

Where to Buy Refrigerator Water Filters Online

If your refrigerator dispenses water, then it’s likely that you have a water filter that needs to be changed every six months. Since remembering to change that

sub-zero pro 48 refrigerator review
Appliance Tips

Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator Review

Weighing in at 800 pounds, the Sub-Zero Pro 48″ stainless steel refrigerator makes a bold statement in any kitchen. When you think about luxury refrigerators,

Dacor Discovery Refrigerator Review
Appliance Tips

Dacor Discovery Refrigerator Review

The Dacor Discovery 30” or 36” Fully Integrated Refrigerators are the perfect complement to any modern kitchen. The sleek design rivals other high-end refrigerators by delivering

New Refrigerator Technology for 2016
Appliance Tips

New Refrigerator Technology for 2016

Kitchen appliances are taking a huge leap forward in 2016, and refrigerators are taking the main stage. What’s new for refrigerators in 2016? Well, just

veterans day

Veterans Day Events Charleston 2014

It’s time to honor our Veterans! Veterans Day falls on Tuesday, November 11th this year. There are many events throughout Charleston honoring the men and


Best of Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina is without a doubt one of the prettiest places in the world. From its beautiful, sprawling Atlantic beaches to its unique American