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why does my viking refrigerator keep beeping

Why Is My Viking Refrigerator Making Noise?

Today’s refrigerators are so much quieter than their older counterparts that hearing any noise at all can seem startling. But when should you be alarmed about a Viking refrigerator making noise and what sounds indicate normal function? From clicks to beeps, we’ll decipher the source and meaning of Viking refrigerator noise.

Troubleshooting a Viking Refrigerator Making Noise

So in this age of quiet appliances, how loud should a refrigerator be? Most refrigerators make some level of audible sound that’s part of typical operation. We’ll review what those sounds are and when a Viking refrigerator making noise could indicate a malfunction.

Viking Refrigerator Clicking Noise

Modern refrigerators use electronic controls for numerous operations and many of these controls can make a clicking noise when turning on and off. A Viking refrigerator clicking noise can occur when the freezer controls turn the compressor on and off or when the defrost cycle is starting or stopping. Clicking sounds usually stop after several seconds.

If you hear a continual clicking noise that doesn’t stop, it’s possible the refrigerator’s water line or water inlet valve has loosened. Check the water line’s connection to make sure it’s secure and not broken.

Gurgling or Running Water

A Viking refrigerator making noise that sounds like gurgling can occur as water flows to the ice maker to make ice. Similarly, you may also hear a gurgling sound as liquid refrigerant runs through the refrigerator’s evaporator and heat exchanger.

However, if you notice puddles in or around the refrigerator it could indicate a problem with the defrost system. Excessive condensation could mean that the gasket around the refrigerator door is dirty or torn, allowing cold air to escape. We suggest a professional service to assess the defrost system or replace a torn gasket.

Loud Thumping Noise

As surprising as a loud thumping sound from the refrigerator can be, it usually happens as ice cubes drop in to the ice bucket. This is part of the normal refrigerator function and can happen every time the ice maker makes ice.

viking refrigerator making noise

Refrigerator Makes Vibrating Sound

A refrigerator’s compressor can make a vibrating sound as it operates. This usually doesn’t indicate a problem and should stop when the compressor is off. However, a constant vibrating sound could indicate a loose component, defective fan motor, or be a sign that the refrigerator isn’t level. Vibrating sounds can also occur if the refrigerator is too close to a wall or cabinet.

Check your refrigerator to make sure all interior shelves and drawers are secure and that it’s at least 2-4 inches from any surface. If the refrigerator isn’t level, consult your owner’s manual to determine how to properly adjust its legs.

Once you’ve verified that your refrigerator is level with the ground, listen carefully to locate the source of the noise. If the vibration is coming from the compressor compartment, it may be defective. Due to the complexity of repairs involving the compressor, professional service is highly recommended when necessary.

Photo Credit: Viking Range, LLC via YouTube

Viking Refrigerator Keeps Beeping

So why does my Viking refrigerator keep beeping? These sounds are alarms that will beep continuously if there is a change in function. Here are some of the more common reasons your Viking refrigerator alarm beeps:

  • Refrigerator door was left open
  • Freezer or refrigerator temperature is too high or low
  • Thermistor or other sensor is malfunctioning

Closing the refrigerator door or adjusting internal temperatures can easily address these issues. However, a faulty thermistor or refrigerator sensor requires professional repair.

Viking Refrigerator Runs Constantly

A refrigerator that runs constantly is working harder to perform its normal function. This could indicate a larger problem that may result in a significant breakdown and requires a professional assessment.

Similarly, a Viking refrigerator high-pitched noise could indicate a problem with the evaporator fan. A malfunctioning Viking refrigerator evaporator fan also requires immediate attention to enable the freezer to cool properly.

As the refrigerator repair experts, the team at Aviv Service Today can help assess a Viking refrigerator making noise. Call us today for fast and reliable service.