Burnt cookies or an underdone roast are certainly disappointing, but before you blame your culinary skills, uneven cooking may be the culprit. What do you do when your oven cooks unevenly? Before assessing for a malfunction, first, make sure the oven is level and properly preheated. Troubleshoot a Whirlpool oven not cooking evenly with these likely causes and solutions.

Common Causes for a Whirlpool Oven Not Cooking Evenly

In many cases, a part failure is responsible for a Whirlpool oven not cooking evenly. However, sometimes a simple adjustment to your use and care or a DIY fix can solve the problem. Before we troubleshoot malfunctions, here are some common causes for uneven cooking that have an easy solution.

Most Common Oven Problems

Sometimes some minor changes or modifications to your user practice can fix a Whirlpool oven not cooking properly.

Here’s how to first troubleshoot uneven cooking:

  • Oven isn’t level: Make sure the racks rest evenly in the oven. If a carpenter’s level shows that the oven is installed unevenly, it may need to be re-installed by a professional
  • Door is opened frequently: Keep the oven door closed as much as possible to contain heat and maintain cooking times.
  • Failure to preheat: Always allow the oven adequate time to preheat to its set temperature before cooking. Failure to preheat can elongate cooking times and cause excessive browning on top of foods.
  • Wrong cookware: Dark pans absorb heat, resulting in deeper browning. If your food is too browned for your liking, try using shiny pans that reflect heat and reduce browning.

Oven Heating Element Not Working

whirlpool oven temperature problems

The interior of electric ovens has heating elements at the top and bottom to generate heat for cooking. When working correctly, the heating elements generate a steady, even heat and uniform red glow. A Whirlpool oven not working properly may have a burned-out heating element, resulting in food that’s underdone on the top or bottom.

Additional signs of a burned-out heating element include:

  • Dark spots or blistering
  • Breakage
  • Lack of continuity with multimeter testing

A burned-out heating element can result from the high temperatures of an oven’s self-cleaning function. This is why most oven maintenance tips recommend using a natural oven cleaner instead of the self-clean feature. Since it can’t be repaired, a burned-out heating element should be professionally replaced.

Oven Temperature Sensor Failure

A failed temperature sensor can also be responsible for a Whirlpool oven not heating adequately. The sensor’s resistance rises as the oven’s temperature increases, signaling the control board for more or less heat to maintain the temperature. If the sensor wears out, the control board won’t receive the signal to provide or restrict heat, resulting in under or overdone food.

Sometimes the sensor may be too close to the oven wall and moving it can restore accurate readings. However, if an ohmmeter shows that the sensor is no longer showing resistance, it requires professional replacement.

Not Using Convection Feature

Not using the convection feature on your Whirlpool oven can result in uneven cooking of your food. Convection uses a fan to circulate hot air, ensuring that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the oven. When this feature is not utilized, the heat can become trapped in certain areas, leading to inconsistent cooking.

This can result in undercooked or overcooked sections in your food, ruining the perfect dish you were hoping for. So, next time you use your Whirlpool oven, remember to take advantage of the convection feature for evenly cooked and delicious meals every time!

Convection Fan Not Working Properly

Is your Whirlpool oven not cooking evenly even when using convection cooking? If this is the case, the convection fan may have malfunctioned. This fan circulates the oven’s heated air, creating faster cook times and more evenly-cooked food. If the fan isn’t working properly, meals may take longer to cook or will not cook as evenly as they normally do.

A failed convection motor or broken or blocked fan blade can all result in the fan not working properly. Many blade obstructions can be removed to restore function. However, the fan must be replaced if a blade is broken or multimeter testing shows it has no continuity. 

Your local oven repair service can fix a Whirlpool oven not cooking evenly or address any other malfunction. Call or schedule your repair online with Aviv Service Today!