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Best Ovens baking

Best Ovens for Baking

Thinking of upgrading your oven before the holiday season? Whether you’re planning a huge holiday feast or baking special treats, you need to make sure that your oven is up to the task. We found four of the best ovens for baking. From Viking, Wolf, KitchenAid, and Samsung, we have an oven that will fit your kitchen and your price range.

Best Ovens for Baking

Viking 30″ Electric Double French-Door Oven  

Model # – VDOF730
Colors – Stainless Steel, Black, White, Apple Red, Graphite Gray, Cobalt Blue, and Burgundy
Top Features – 11 High-Performance cooking modes, Rapid Ready™ Preheating, French Door Design
Price – $8,389.00

The Viking 30″ Electric Double French-Door Oven is as elegant as it is powerful. This oven has an extra-large 4.7 cu. ft. Viking also uses an exclusive Rapid Ready™ Preheating system that keeps you baking. With the oven using a concealed 10-pass dual bake element, you can confidently bake at the right temperature every time. Viking committed to the french door design and we are not disappointed. The french door design conveniently opens both sides simultaneously. To top it off, Viking uses an exclusive CoolLit™ LED Lights when the oven is turned on. This is one best ovens for baking that comes with all the bells and whistles. For a full list of features and specs click here.

Wolf 30” E-Series Convection Steam Oven

Model # – CSO30CM/B/TH
Colors – Black
Features – Steam Mode, Gourmet Mode, Temperature Probe Alerts
Price – $4,685

The Wolf E Series Convection Steam Ovens are questionably the world’s most versatile oven. Get perfectly cooked food every time plus other features and options you’ll love. Rejuvenate your stale baguette to a just-baked freshness using the steam option! The Convection Steam Oven has a 25% larger interior capacity that allows you to do more in less time. The water tank for the steam feature is large, easily accessible, and can provide 90 minutes of constant steam cooking. Having the water tank attached to the oven, you do not have to worry about attaching a water line.

When you purchase a Wolf oven, you’re buying more than an oven! You’re buying an elite oven that will transform your cooking experience. To learn more about the Wolf E Series Convection Steam Ovens click here.

KitchenAid 30″ Double Wall Oven with Even-Heat™ Thermal Bake/Broil

Model # – KODT100ESS
Colors -Stainless Steel
Features – Even-Heat™ Preheat, Glass-Touch Display with Control Lock Function, Self Cleaning Cycle
Price – $3,099.00

We love the KitchenAid 30″ Double Wall Oven with Even-Heat™. This oven comes with a professional-inspired design style that can be compared to luxury style ovens. With the 5.0 cu. ft. oven capacity for each, you will be able to cook multiple dishes in a shorter amount of time. The Even-Heat™ Preheating system helps remove cold spots to ensure even baking by heating the walls and racks. KitchenAid is versatile, allowing you to install the oven in just about any setting. With the FIT system guarantee, you can customize your KitchenAid oven to match the height of your existing cabinets. For the amount of baking space compared to the price, this is definitely one the best ovens for baking. You can find the full overview here.

LG 30″ Built-in Single Wall Oven with Crisp Convection

Model # – LWS3010ST
Colors – Stainless Steel
Features – Crisp Convection, Self-Cleaning, SmoothTouch™ Controls
Price – $1,699.99

LG is a household name for its quality appliances and electronics at an affordable price. With the LG 4.7 cu.ft. Capacity 30″ Built-in Single Wall Oven with Crisp Convection Oven, you see just that. The 30” oven has a 4.7 cu. ft. that can take on any of your baking needs. The Crisp Convection is great for light colored and delicate baked goods like cakes, cookies, pastries and much more. This mode helps the tasty treats develop a crispy surface while sealing in the moisture inside the baked goods. Using the crisp convection feature could shorten your cooking time as much as 30%! Check out more features here!