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Your Satisfaction is Our Highest Priority

At Aviv Service Today, our mission is simple: to offer high quality, “old-fashioned” customer service by treating our customers the same way that we would like to be treated when calling for service. If you like our service, please tell a friend. If you are not completely satisfied, please call our office or visit our website. We will do everything in our power to satisfy you because we want you to keep calling us for your service needs. Print this warranty

Our Service Areas

Aviv Service Today is pleased to serve you in the Charleston, SC area.

Charleston Central Office
1941 Savage Rd., Ste. 300-E
Charleston, SC 29407
(843) 769-5355
Fax (843) 769-9874

Terms of Our Warranty

SERVICE CHARGE This charge covers the cost of bringing a fully trained technician and his mobile service shop to your home. It also includes checking your appliance and giving you an estimate on the cost of repair. Our Service charge is $125.00 for residential service, property managers, and landlords. Our service fee for businesses is $150.00. Stack units and anything that may require additional time due to space and or installation issues may require an additional charge.

COST OF REPAIR Service rates are not based on the time a technician spends in the home. Operating a service organization involves a tremendous amount of costs that are unseen by the customer yet are vitally necessary to perform prompt and efficient service. Examples of these costs are technician training costly test equipment, office personnel, rent, parts inventory and many others. You are not hiring a technician, but an entire company resulting in the best, most efficient service in the industry.

LIMITED WARRANTY Under the manufacturer’s warranty, all parts installed by us will perform satisfactorily under conditions of normal use. Should said parts fail to perform, we will guarantee them as follows:

 PartsRelated Labor
Appliances5 years*90 days
Compressors1 year90 days
Commercial Use90 days90 days
Outdoor Appliances  90 days**90 days**

If repairs later become necessary due to other defective parts, they will be charged separately, and are not subject to this limited warranty. This limited warranty is given only to the customer hereunder and we shall not be liable to third parties, NOR SHALL WE BE LIABLE FOR INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, except for the limited specific warranty set forth above. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND WE SPECIFICALLY MAKE NO WARRANTY WITH RESPECT TO MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. We do not make any guarantee with respect to any other parts. This warranty applies to labor provided during normal working hours only. Additional charges will apply for other than normal working hours.

All canceled repairs are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

* See website for details or call the office.
**Grates, ceramic briquettes, and other subjected items by management not covered under warranty

RIGHT TO ENTER PREMISES AND REMOVE MATERIALS If payment is not made when due hereunder, and if the parts and materials to which we have provided may be easily removed without injury to the premises, we may, in our sole discretion and without waiver of other remedies available to use, remove and sell such parts and materials and collect from you any unrecovered balance of amount owed under this invoice. Owner hereby grants permission to Aviv Service Today to come on the owner’s premises to remove any such parts and materials.

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