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10 Reasons to Visit Kiawah’s Beaches This Summer
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10 Reasons to Visit Kiawah’s Beaches This Summer

10 Reasons to Visit Kiawah’s Beaches This Summer

It’s the perfect time of year to visit the beach, and the Kiawah beaches in South Carolina are the perfect place to have fun in the sun!

What is there to do on Kiawah this time of year?

The better question would be: what isn’t there to do on Kiawah? There are so many fun activities to do for the whole family, that you will find yourself wondering why you haven’t been making Kiawah Island a regular trip already!

In honor of the dog days of summer and the magnificent weeks ahead of celebrating and spending time with your family and friends before school starts again, we present the top 10 reasons to visit Kiawah’s beaches this summer.

  1. Beach biking! Kiawah’s beaches are beautiful, firmly packed, and extend practically forever. Rent a bike and make some tracks of your own!
  2. Swim and surf! Kiawah’s waves are just big enough for some excellent surfing, and just calm enough to still be perfect for a family swim.
  3. See the wildlife! At Kiawah Island, you have front row seats to some of the best wildlife shows in the country. You can watch birds, fish, turtles, crabs, and all sorts of other animals.
  4. Speaking of wildlife, we have turtles! Summer is nesting time for leatherback turtles, and we have plenty that nest on Kiawah Island. You can watch for little hatchlings scrambling for the shore, but don’t come too close!
  5. Swim with the dolphins! If you’re adventurous, come swim with the dolphins! It’s a great way to interact with these happy, gentle mammals.
  6. Go fishing! You can catch your own dinner on Kiawah’s beaches, as well as in our streams and creeks.
  7. Go kayaking! Embark on a sea kayak adventure you’ll never forget.
  8. Activities for kids! 7-12 year old kids can take part in Kiawah’s Junior Naturalist program, while littler kids can have fun all day long at Kamp Kiawah.
  9. Nature centers! You can visit Night Heron Park to experience an amazing nature center where you will learn about the local animals and have an incredible experience at the same time.
  10. New experiences and adventures for the whole family! Play, explore, relax, and have a new adventure with your family on Kiawah Island. Summer is the best time for family fun, and Kiawah’s beaches are the best place to do it.