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South Carolina Inspired Fourth of July BBQ Ideas

If you’re in charge of hosting the 4th of July party this year, then blow your guests away with the perfect Southern BBQ line up. We’ve scoured the web to compile this list of the ultimate 4th of July BBQ ideas guaranteed to make your mouth go BOOM!

Southern Fourth of July BBQ Ideas


No 4th of July Party should kick off without a display of tasty appetizers. These recipes are easy, delicious, and Southern themed.

Ultimate Southern Pimento Cheese

This dip is very quick to put together (10 minute prep time, yes please!), but packs an incredible punch. Ingredients include a tasty blend of VERY SHARP cheddar, orange creamy sharp cheese, pimento slices, cayenne pepper, and some other simple pantry items. Check out the full recipe by Loaves and Dishes here.

4th of July Recipe Ideas Southern Cooking

Slow Cooker Corn Dip

What’s better than the flavor of corn at a BBQ? Ok, maybe the BBQ, but you know what I mean. Try this tasty, easy to prepare corn dip that delivers a little spicy kick.  Prep time takes about 10 minutes, but cook time is about 2 hours. Read the instructions on Spicy Southern Kitchen here.

4th of july dips

Side Dishes

When it comes to the classic Southern BBQ, staples like potato salad, bakes beans, and corn on the cob are sure to come to mind. Here are some recipes that will put your mom’s classics to the test.

Favorite Southern Potato Salad

With only 6 ingredients, a Southern Potato Salad recipe is bit more modest than the American classic. No celery. No Dijon. Just the good ole Southern favorites. Check out this perfect southern potato recipe by To Simply Inspire here.

Southern Potato Salad Classic

Southern Style Baked Beans

Bacon. Bacon. And more Bacon. That’s the trick to the perfect Southern Style Baked Bean recipe. Mandy of South Your Mouth posted this recipe that includes a BACON TOP LAYER. Need we say more? Find the recipe here.

The Main Attraction

Of course your man dish should steal the show. We went with a South Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce theme that will be sure to please.

Carolina Mustard Barbecue Sauce

Since this recipe has had over 13,300 shares on Facebook and 98,700 shares on Pinterest, we’re willing to guess that you’re going to LOVE it. The recipe only takes about 10 minutes to make from start to finish, and is so delicious you should probably make 2 batches. See here.

Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce

Carolina Pulled Pork Smoker Recipe

Put away the hamburgers and hot dogs, because this classic Carolina favorite is going to blow your mind. If you have a smoker or BBQ, this is the recipe for YOU! Bob’s Pulled Pork on a Smoker recipe is top rated on AllRecipes.com. Check out the recipe here.

Smoker pulled pork

The World’s Best Carolina Pulled Pork (Slow Cooker)

I think the title says it all: this is the World’s Best Carolina Pulled Pork recipe. Stack the delicious, tender meat on a bun, and then smother with your Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce. Use this method if you don’t have a BBQ smoker. Find recipe by Oh Sweet Basil here.

Carolina Pulled Pork

Have a fun and safe 4th of July!