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What You Need to Know About Same Day Appliance Service

Although many appliance repair companies advertise Same Day Appliance Service, you’d be surprised to find how many of those companies actually can’t service your appliance as quickly as promised. Here at Aviv Service Today, we can typically have a technician to your home the day you call for service (with very few exceptions).

If you’re looking for same day appliance repair in Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, James Island, Summerville, or anywhere between, here’s what you need to know about “Same Day Service” promises:

Five Things You Need to Know About Same Day Appliance Service

There is generally a charge for same day service after hours.

All appliance repair companies charge a standard diagnosis fee, which covers the cost to have a technician come to your home and troubleshoot your appliance. This fee varies from company to company but is typically around $85. The diagnostic fee is charged to every customer receiving service during the company’s standard working hours (generally, 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday). If you need same day service, but don’t call until three in the afternoon, the company may not have availability for that day during their standard work hours. In this case, you can either book an appointment for the next day or request “emergency service.”

Emergency service will include an extra fee. This is because the technician will be coming to your home after hours. If your refrigerator isn’t cooling, it is probably worth the extra fee to have the issue resolved immediately so you don’t lose hundreds of dollars in spoiled food. However, if your dishwasher isn’t working, you might consider waiting until the following morning and save yourself from the extra fee.

Same Day Service Always Depends on Availability.

Companies who advertise “same-day service” generally make it their goal to accept service appointments that best fit their customer’s schedule. To ensure you receive the fastest service possible, you must call the appliance repair company as soon as you notice the appliance failure. In other words, don’t wait until you get settled in at work to make the call.

Appliance companies that offer same day service have a set number of appointments open for same day callers, but if those appointments fill up by 10 am, you’ll be out of luck. If you notice your broken appliance in the evening, leave a voicemail or schedule an appointment using their online appointment scheduler to ensure you’re first in line the next day.

Always Ask: “Are Holidays and Weekends Excluded?”

When you find a company that offers same day service, make sure that they also offer service during the holidays and weekends. Some companies run Ads that can be a bit deceptive because they only offer same-day service during their normal hours of operation (meaning you can’t call at 5:45 pm and expect same-day service if the company closes at 6 pm).

Ask: “Do You Stock Appliance Parts?”

You booked a technician to come to your home and fix your appliance only to find out that he doesn’t have the parts needed to actually FIX the problem. What a bummer!! It’s important to verify that the appliance repair company stocks its service vehicles with commonly failed appliance parts. Same-day service is great, but if the technician coming to your home doesn’t carry appliance parts on his truck, then your appliance won’t be fixed that same day.

Be sure to ask the person booking your appointment if the technician stocks appliance parts on his vehicle. If they say, “no,” you may be better off finding an established company with availability the next day. Although it’s possible that the technician with parts doesn’t have the exact part needed, the chances that he’ll fix the appliance that same day are much more likely.

Don’t Book Unless They Offer a Parts and Labor Warranty.

Although there are a few reputable companies in Charleston that offer same day appliance repair, there are also a lot of sketchy operations trying to make an extra buck. Here’s the scenario: A technician agrees to come fix your appliance the day you call for service. He shows up to inspect the appliance and provides a quote for parts and labor. You move forward with the repair only to find that he didn’t fix the problem. When you call back to let him know that the appliance still isn’t working, he wants to charge YOU to come back out and “rediagnose” the problem.

To avoid this type of shoddy practice, it’s important to find a company that guarantees any work they complete on your appliance with a full parts and labor warranty (see an example of our warranty here). This ensures that you are covered in case they don’t fix the problem correctly the first time around. There’s nothing worse than paying double to have a new company come out to fix an appliance you already paid to have repaired!

If you need same day appliance repair in Mt Pleasant, Summerville, Johns Island, Charleston, or anywhere between, contact Aviv Service Today. We offer same day appliance repair, our technicians carry parts, and we provide an extensive repair warranty.