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How to Recycle Old Appliances in Charleston

There’s a lot to consider when it comes time to replace an outdated appliance. Some of the most important things to plan for though are where and how to recycle old appliances in Charleston. Make it an easy process by following our guide to the best options for local appliance recyclers.

Tips for How to Recycle Old Appliances in Charleston

How do you dispose of old appliances when you purchase a new model? You can have your old unit dropped off, picked up from your home, or even recycle old appliances for cash! Check out our list to find the perfect option for you.

Why You Should Recycle Old Appliances

We can all agree that leaving an old appliance by the side of the road isn’t a good idea. It’s also not advisable to keep using an outdated model that could be costing you more than you realize. The best reasons to recycle your appliances include:

  • Energy Efficiency – Newer appliances are much more energy-efficient than older models. Depending on its age, your obsolete appliance may be costing you significantly more to use. Even just leaving it plugged in can increase your utility bills.
  • Rebate Programs – Government rebate programs vary from city to city, but most will offer $25 – $50 for you to recycle models like refrigerators and freezers. They’ll even pick up and haul away the unit for free!
  • Helps the Environment – Throwing old machines into a ditch at the dump or by the side of a freeway causes damage to our planet. Recycling prevents harm to the environment, and also means those materials will be put to good use instead of going to waste.
how to recycle old appliances in Charleston
Image from Wikimedia Commons

How to Recycle Old Appliances

You have no shortage of options for how to recycle old appliances in Charleston and the surrounding areas:

  • Donation – If the appliance you’re replacing still works, consider donating it to an organization or charity who could use it. Many charity organizations who accept appliances will even come and pick them up for free.
  • Local Waste Management – Most municipalities and/or utility companies offer trash pick-up or appliance recycling programs. Give your local waste management division a call to find out if they offer this service.
  • Scrap Yard – You can earn a few dollars for your old appliance by dropping it off at a local scrap metal yard. Some will even come and pick up the unit from your home.
  • Buy from a Major Retailer – If you’re replacing an obsolete appliance, ask the retailer you’re purchasing from whether they can haul away the old unit. Most should be willing to take it at no extra charge.

Where to Recycle Old Appliances in Charleston

Now that you know why and how to recycle old appliances in Charleston, here are some of the best locations for recycling in and around the city:

Bees Ferry Road Convenience Center
1344 Bees Ferry Rd.
Charleston, SC 29414

Maxville Road Convenience Center
6380 Maxville Rd.
Awendaw, SC 29429

Wadmalaw Convenience Center
1558 Liberia Rd.
Wadmalaw Island, SC 29487

Hollywood Convenience Center
5305 Highway 165
Hollywood, SC 29449

how do you dispose of old appliances
Image from Bees Ferry Landfill

Repair Your Old Appliance

There are plenty of methods for how to get rid of an appliance for free, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary. If your model still works but isn’t too old, having an appliance maintained or repaired may be more cost-effective.

If you decide to hold onto your appliance for a while longer, call Aviv Service Today for the most dependable appliance repair Charleston and the surrounding areas. We’ll have your unit working like new again in no time!