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Aviv Service Today Hits the Road with New Dodge Ram ProMaster Service Vehicle

We’re happy to announce the newest addition to our service fleet—a burgundy Dodge Ram ProMaster commercial van. We just finished installation the shelves and the finishing touches on the exterior wrap. The shelves are fully stocked with all of the most commonly failed appliance parts, as well as the tools we need to complete a repair on the first trip. We’re expecting this van to yield some great efficiency and comfort for our service technician.

Efficient Service Technician Charleston

We were looking for a great service vehicle for our appliance repair technicians, and we think we found it. The Dodge Ram ProMaster has great features for service industry applications. The interior boasts 76 inches of vertical height, which will greatly reduce the strain caused by continuously bending and crawling to locate parts in the smaller work transits. The van floor is only 21 inches from the ground, making it extremely easy to climb in and out. These features will save some wear and tear on our technician’s knees and back!

The van also has efficient drawer and shelf space to ensure we’re organized and ready to work as soon as we arrive at our customer’s home. No digging through bags or tearing apart the shelf looking for a part that slipped behind a crack. The shelves are designed to properly hold small parts like ice maker connectors and tubing, as well as safely secure large, heavy parts like refrigerator compressors and washer tubs. This is an extremely important feature, especially when you consider the amount of parts our technicians have to account for and install on a daily basis.

New Service Vehicle for Appliance Repair

We also love the cab area, which is designed for comfort. When you think about the amount of time an appliance repair technician spends everyday on the road, you can imagine why comfort is a top priority. The large steering wheel and comfortable seat are among our favorite features. The navigation feature helps us easily find our way around. And the USB port keeps our equipment charged in between appointments.

Our Service Manager, Tommy, is ready to hit the road. If you’re driving around Charleston, be sure to honk and say hello as he drives by!