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Dryer Buying Tips 2017

Dryer Buying Tips 2017

So your dryer is on the outs and you’re thinking it’s probably time for a new one. However, you’re reluctant because you haven’t purchased a new dryer in over a decade and you’re dreading the price tag. We understand the feeling. Mike from Mix 96 feels your pain too (listen to clip below where Mike struggles with the decision to purchase a new dryer):

There’s no need to worry! Here are some tips to make your new dryer buying experience a smooth one.

Dryer Buying Tips 2017

Start With The Essential Features

Many features on a dryer can be classified into two groups: essential or luxury. The following features are widely considered essential when purchasing a dryer:

  • Dryness sensors or custom settings that allow you to control drying time.
  • Temperature controls so you can treat delicates with care.
  • Permanent press option that helps eliminate wrinkles.
  • Drum size. A standard drum size will keep your costs down, but you can purchase machines with extra capacity for a heftier price tag.

Dryers with these features will generally run in the $400-500 range. If there’s more room in your budget, there’s certainly more features that can be added to make your life easier and give your dryer a more stylish look.

Luxury Features To Look For

Your decision to purchase a luxury dryer will come down to your personal preference and how much you can reasonably afford. Some popular luxury features include:

  • Stainless steel dryer drum. A stainless steel drum looks stylish and eliminates the risk of rust over time.
  • Glass door for visibility into the dry cycle.
  • Extra drying features such as Speed Dry, Wrinkle Care, and Bulky / Bedding options.
  • Drying rack to lay out sweaters or sneakers.
  • Large Capacity Drum. Large capacity machines are perfect for people with large beds (wash your Cal-King comforter!) or families who anticipate really large loads.

Dryers with these kinds of features will often run you anywhere from $600-$1000+.

Keep In Mind Energy Efficiency 

We know selecting a new dryer is a big purchasing decision, so you want to get the most bang for your buck over the long haul. Energy efficiency is important to keep in mind (for your wallet and the environment). The most energy efficient units carry an “Energy Star” label, which indicates the model is at least 20 percent more efficient than federal minimum standards for the current year. While these units often carry a heftier price tag, many utility companies offer rebates to encourage you to invest in more efficient units. Check here to see if there are any rebates in your area for a dryer you are interested in.