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how not to load a dishwasher

How to Load a Samsung Dishwasher for Better Cleaning

Do you load the dishwasher only to find it rearranged by someone else? Are your biggest household discussions over whether you should rinse pre-rinse plates? If so, our rundown of how to load a Samsung dishwasher should help settle some debates. Our recommendations take you through pre-loading suggestions and rack-by-rack loading tips for clean dishes and harmony in the house.

The Lowdown on Loading: How to Load a Samsung Dishwasher

Yes, you can place your dishwasher items any which way and hope for the best. But knowing a few handy manufacturer’s suggestions go a long way to getting cleaner dishes and preventing dishwasher repairs. Our dishwasher loading tips are easy to follow for everyone from a haphazard loader to precise rule followers.

Before You Load Your Dishwasher

Just a few minutes of pre-loading prep can make all the difference in how to load a Samsung dishwasher more effectively. Here are some planning tips to consider while loading your dishwasher:

  • Refer to your user manual for loading suggestions for specific-sized loads and dishes
  • Learn all your dishwasher’s settings to tailor each wash cycle to your specific needs. Make use of each rack’s adjustable features to accommodate individual items
  • Remove large food particles before loading
  • Plan for each item to have adequate space and access to spray jets
  • Spin spray arms after loading to make sure they’re not obstructed
  • Double-check your settings and detergent amounts to correspond with your load
how to load a samsung dishwasher
Image from Samsung

How to Load the Upper Rack

The upper rack of your Samsung dishwasher was designed to hold smaller items like glassware, cups, and small bowls. It’s also a safe place for plastic items, as the upper rack is further away from the dishwasher’s heat source. These suggestions help ensure that your top rack items are clean and protected:

  • Place bowls facing down and at an angle for proper rinsing
  • Cups and glassware should also be placed facing downward
  • Utilize the adjustable support rack for stemware to properly hold glasses in place
  • Fold the support rack back if not in use to accommodate additional items

Loading the Lower Dish Rack

Larger items like dinner dishes and pots and pans should be placed on the dishwasher’s lower rack. Here’s how to load a Samsung dishwasher lower rack for optimum cleaning:

  • Face dishes inward for better access to spray arms
  • Avoid nesting dishes by ensuring that each dish is separate from the other
  • Place large bowls and pots and pans facing downward within reach of spray arms
dishwasher loading tips
Image from Samsung

Tips for Loading the Silverware Basket

Even your silverware can benefit from some specific loading techniques. Instead of bunching them in the basket, we suggest these easy loading methods:

  • If your silverware basket has individual slots for each utensil, place each utensil in a slot
  • Avoid nesting spoons and forks to increase access to spray arms
  • Knives should be loaded with their handles up
  • Load spoons and forks with their handles down
  • Place larger utensils and serving ware that doesn’t fit in the basket on the upper rack

Dishwasher Loading Mistakes

Sometimes knowing how not to load a dishwasher is just as helpful as knowing the right ways. Here are some common dishwasher loading mistakes to avoid:

  • Pre-rinsing: there’s no need to rinse dishes before loading. Your dishwasher can handle the grime and a little grease actually helps detergent work better. Skip the pre-rinse and let your dishwasher do the work.
  • Overloading: this doesn’t lead to more clean dishes, it just leaves dishes dirty. Your dishwasher needs adequate space between items to wash and dry dishes properly.
  • Too much dish detergent: less is more when it comes to cleaning dishes. Use some trial and error to figure out how much detergent you need, starting with 25% less then recommended. You may actually get cleaner dishes.

Our tips for how to load a Samsung dishwasher should put an end to dishwasher bickering and lead to cleaner dishes. If you still feel your dishwasher isn’t cleaning properly after following these tips, Aviv Service Today can be your Samsung dishwasher service. Give us a call to schedule a repair!