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why does my viking refrigerator keep beeping

Why Is My Viking Refrigerator Making Noise?

Today’s refrigerators are so much quieter than their older counterparts that hearing any noise at all can seem startling. But when should you be alarmed

What to do with old appliances

How to Evaluate Value of Appliances

A New Homebuyer’s Guide to Evaluating Appliances So you’ve bought a new home, settled in and now want to look at the long-term future of

igniters clicking after burner turned off

Igniters Clicking After Burner Turned Off

Igniters Clicking After Burner Turned Off Click, click, click.. If you have a gas stove or cooktop, you’re probably pretty familiar with this sound. You

must have kitchen appliances in 2018

Must Have Kitchen Appliances in 2018

Is it time to remodel your kitchen or upgrade your appliances soon? We’ve put together a list of kitchen appliances that stand above the rest.

oven repair problems

3 Most Common Oven Repair Problems

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it, oven repair problems are frustrating! Unfortunately, sometimes they are inevitable, so you might as well be prepared for them. By knowing the most common oven repair problems and their likely causes, you’ll be able to diagnose a problem you’re currently having or identify one in the future. Without further ado, here they are:

10 Best Kitchen Organization Hacks

Is your kitchen in need of some organizing and you’re not sure where to start? You’re in the right place! We’ve scoured the web for

Cleaning Refrigerator Coils
Appliance Tips

How to Clean Refrigerator Coils

Does your compressor seem to be running for longer periods of time? Have you noticed a spike in your energy bill? The fix to your

sad refrigerator

4 Most Common Refrigerator Replacement Parts

When your refrigerator isn’t working, it’s helpful to know the most common refrigerator replacement parts even if you don’t plan to do the repair yourself.

how to plan for oven roasted turkey

How to Roast a Turkey in an Oven

In most households across America, an oven roasted turkey is on the menu for Thanksgiving Day. Roasting a turkey is a fairly straightforward process, and

Best Ovens baking

Best Ovens for Baking

Thinking of upgrading your oven before the holiday season? Whether you’re planning a huge holiday feast or baking special treats, you need to make sure that your oven is up to the task. We found four of the best ovens for baking.

Best Refrigerators Under 1000

Best Refrigerators for Under $1,000

Buying a new refrigerator can be difficult when you are on a tight budget. In most cases, repairing your refrigerator is the most affordable option.

non-toxic baking pans

Best Non-Toxic Baking Sheets

If you’re doing everything you can to eat a clean and healthy diet, then you may be wondering if an investment in non-toxic baking sheets

Where to buy water to filters

Where to Buy Refrigerator Water Filters Online

If your refrigerator dispenses water, then it’s likely that you have a water filter that needs to be changed every six months. Since remembering to change that

sub-zero pro 48 refrigerator review
Appliance Tips

Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator Review

Weighing in at 800 pounds, the Sub-Zero Pro 48″ stainless steel refrigerator makes a bold statement in any kitchen. When you think about luxury refrigerators,

Dacor Discovery Refrigerator Review
Appliance Tips

Dacor Discovery Refrigerator Review

The Dacor Discovery 30” or 36” Fully Integrated Refrigerators are the perfect complement to any modern kitchen. The sleek design rivals other high-end refrigerators by delivering

New Refrigerator Technology for 2016
Appliance Tips

New Refrigerator Technology for 2016

Kitchen appliances are taking a huge leap forward in 2016, and refrigerators are taking the main stage. What’s new for refrigerators in 2016? Well, just

5 Kitchen Hacks For Thanksgiving full
Appliance Tips

5 Kitchen Hacks for Thanksgiving Cooking

From salad to pie, Thanksgiving dinner is a huge feast. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be stressful! Follow these simple tips to prepare

How To Preheat Your Oven5
Appliance Tips

How To Preheat Your Oven

Believe it or not, proper preheating can make your baked goods actually taste better! Before you throw your favorite baked dish in the oven, it’s important to

Back to school fridge organization
Appliance Tips

Back to School Organization for your Fridge

It might feel like summer vacation just started, but school is just around the corner! Stores are bursting with notebooks and pencils, mailboxes are bursting

5 washer maintenance tips
Appliance Tips

Washer Maintenance Tips

Washing machines are arguably one of the hardest working appliances in a home. Cycling an astonishing 30-40 gallons of water during every load, it’s no

food safety
Appliance Tips

How Long Does It Take Food To Go Bad?

When there is no power to the fridge, it isn’t clear how much time you have to resolve the issue. Obviously, the more you open

Appliance Tips

How to Clean Your Refrigerator Gasket

Your refrigerator door gasket is more important than you might think. This flexible rubber strip attached around the outer perimeter of your refrigerator and freezer

Appliance Tips

Aviv’s DIY Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

Adding just a few, simple preventative refrigerator maintenance chores to your cleaning schedule can greatly reduce your chances of needing a service call. We recommend