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thermador range burner will not ignite

Thermador Stove Burner Not Working? Follow These Tips.

While a Thermador stove is among the best gas ranges, it can still fall victim to the burner complications of other brands. Why is my Thermador stove burner not working? It may not be receiving the electrical power it needs to produce a flame. Learn the most common reasons a Thermador range burner won’t light and how to restore proper function.

How to Troubleshoot a Thermador Stove Burner Not Working

Though a part malfunction could be responsible for a Thermador stove burner not working, power issues and dirty buildup are likely possibilities. Here’s how to determine what’s really going on when your Thermador range burner will not ignite.

Check for Power and Loose Connections

Oftentimes, a power issue is the cause for a Thermador stove burner not working. Even though gas is the primary source of heat, a gas range burner still requires electricity to power and spark the igniter. If you have a dual fuel range, a lack of power could also be the reason for the oven not heating.

Try the following power assessments when your Thermador gas range burner doesn’t light:

  • Check the breakers: Look for tripped breakers in your home’s breaker box, resetting any if needed.
  • Look for loose connections: Make sure the stove is properly plugged into a functioning outlet and that the electrical cord is free of damage.
  • Avoid extension cords: These cords won’t safely conduct the voltage the range requires, creating shutdowns that cut off power. 

Clean the Stove Burner

Thermador range cleaning instructions include wiping down the cooktop with soapy water and a soft cloth after each use. However, regular cleanings of the burner components are also essential to maintain function. Spills, food particles and grease can collect around burner parts, blocking the flow of gas or preventing the igniter from sparking. 

thermador stove burner not working

Here’s how to clean Thermador star burners:

Burner cap:

  • Take off the grates and lift the burner cap straight up to remove.
  • Wipe the cap with warm soapy water or a nonabrasive liquid cleaner and a soft cloth. Avoid soaking.
  • Dry the cap completely before replacing.

Burner base:

  • When the cooktop is cool, wipe down the base with hot, soapy water and a clean cloth.
  • Dip a toothbrush in the hot soapy water to gently clean the port openings.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe away soapy residue.
  • Dry the base thoroughly with a clean paper towel or dishcloth.


  • When the igniter is cool, gently wipe it with a cotton swab dampened with water.
  • Carefully scrape away any remaining debris with a toothpick.
  • Avoid using excessive amounts of water, as the igniter can’t spark when wet.

Faulty Thermador Stove Igniter

If you still find your Thermador range burner not working, it’s possible that the igniter, or spark electrode, has failed. When functioning properly, the igniter draws up enough electricity to produce a spark. This spark lights the gas as it flows through the burner ports.

If the igniter is too weak to draw up enough electricity or produce a spark, the burner can’t light. To determine if the igniter is faulty, observe it as it tries to light the burner. If it doesn’t produce a spark or the spark is too weak to ignite the gas, it should be replaced. This more complex job is best reserved for a professional repair service or someone more experienced in DIY repairs.

The technicians at Aviv Service Today can fix a Thermador stove burner not working or handle any other stove repair. Schedule your professional service today!