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sub-zero pro 48 refrigerator review

Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator Review

Weighing in at 800 pounds, the Sub-Zero Pro 48″ stainless steel refrigerator makes a bold statement in any kitchen. When you think about luxury refrigerators, this is the one that really stands out among the rest. The Sub-Zero Pro 48 exudes simplicity, elegance, and like Sub-Zero says, it’s “equal parts sculpted metal…and a culinary secret weapon.” Get one more step closer to your dream kitchen and take a look at our Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator review for all of the details, features, and styles.

Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator Review

Price: MSRP $16,615

Width: 48”

Height: 84”

Depth: 24”

Style: Stainless Steel

Models: Pro 48 & Pro 48 with Glass Door

Annual Energy Use: $101 (841 kWh)

Storage: 30 cu. ft.

Star K Certified

Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator Features:

With over 18 cu. ft. of refrigerator space and 11.7 cu. ft. of freezer capacity, the Sub-Zero Pro 48 keeps food extremely fresh with dual refrigeration, an automatic ice maker, two compressors and three evaporators, and a magnetic and auto-close door system.

The state of the art microprocessor control continuously monitors each section of your Sub-Zero, making temperature adjustments as needed. There is also a convenient temperature display on the exterior of the refrigerator that allows for precision and saves you from opening the door.

What about the amazing interior features of the Pro 48? Flexible organization is achieved with adjustable shelves and drawer dividers that allow multiple organization options. This refrigerator is also equipped with both ceiling and side lighting, offering a “soft bright” lighting.

Sub-Zero crafted the Pro 48 with stainless steel that will last not just years, but for decades. If you decide to go for the Pro 48 with the clear-view, triple-pane, and UV resistant glass door, you’ll be able to see the freshness within! This model brings a sleek and well-lit display case feel to your refrigerator and is also designed for high altitude regions.

Sub-Zero took the durability and space of a commercial refrigerator you would find in an up-scale restaurant and the up-to-date features of a modern refrigerator and ended up with the Pro 48. And all of those features, while simple, really make the investment worth it.