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7 Pantry Organization Hacks That Save Time and Money

No matter the size, keeping your pantry organized is a constant struggle. With frequent use by multiple household members and numerous items of different sizes, it’s no wonder objects go unseen and unused. What are some pantry hacks that bring order to the chaos? Storing items in clear, labeled bins allows you to better see all your inventory. Try these pantry organization hacks as inexpensive but effective solutions for your food storage space.

Game-Changing Pantry Organization Hacks 

Sure, a well-organized pantry is a beautiful sight but keeping your food storage space neat is about more than just looks. When items are clearly visible, labeled, and accessible, you can maximize space while minimizing food waste, ultimately saving time and money. Here’s how to implement some game-changing pantry organization hacks with little cost and effort.

1. Add Pantry Door Storage

A pantry door is valuable real estate, whether you have a spacious room or a small cabinet. Installing permanent shelves on the back of the pantry door or removable over-the-door shelving instantly increases your storage space. If shelves aren’t an option, hooks or a pegboard also make handy pantry organizers for doors, especially for bagged items. 

2. Use Clear Storage Bins

Clear storage bins bring instant order to any pantry, enabling you to view stored items with ease. While this is visually appealing, instant item recognition has practical appeal as well. It can save time when creating a grocery list and prevent you from buying items you already have.

Since buying bins is one of our more expensive pantry organization hacks, start with a set of 2-4. Reserve them for bigger boxes of cereal or pasta or group like items together in one bin.

pantry hacks
Image from The Spruce Eats

3. Include a Lazy Susan (or Two)

Lazy Susans are one of the easiest money-saving pantry ideas for small bottles and jars. Simply place one or two in your pantry so small items take up less space and are more visible and accessible. Plus, most Lazy Susans are inexpensive, easy to find, and require virtually no effort to “install.” 

4. Utilize Shelf Risers

Wondering how to organize a deep pantry cabinet? Like Lazy Susans, shelf risers better enable you to see smaller canned goods, spices, and jars that get lost in a deep space. When rows of items are tiered, they’re also more reachable, preventing messy spills.

Pantry organizers
Image from Kelley Nan

5. Make Use of Floor Space

If your pantry has floor space under its bottom shelf, it’s just begging to be put to good use. Adding wheeled bins in this low space enables larger items to be retrieved and replaced with ease. Wondering what to store on pantry floor space? Larger boxes of cereal and pasta, coffee cans, and even small appliances are perfect for wheeled bins. Simply wheel the bin right into your kitchen when needed and wheel it back into place with ease.

6. Repurpose Jars and Bottles

Plastic creamer bottles, glass yogurt containers, and mason jars make perfect DIY pantry storage containers. They’re ideal for storing small, loose items like beans, seeds and candies, enabling you to see them clearly and eliminating their messy packaging. Plus, repurposing is a greener option than buying new or even recycling, making your storage solutions eco-friendly.

7. Label, Label, Label

Whether you use a fancy label maker or a simple marker, labeling is one of those pantry organization hacks that applies to everything. Labeling the contents of even your clear bins makes for faster recognition when forming lists and brings greater uniformity to your space. Plus, they can always be erased or removed when restocking or organizing, making your bins or shelves easily adaptable. 

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