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New Refrigerator Technology for 2016

New Refrigerator Technology for 2016

Kitchen appliances are taking a huge leap forward in 2016, and refrigerators are taking the main stage. What’s new for refrigerators in 2016? Well, just about everything. From ordering groceries via your refrigerator door to automatic opening refrigerator doors, we found the best new refrigerator technology for 2016.

New Refrigerator Technology for 2016

  • Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator

The most notable (and perhaps most exciting) new refrigerator releasing in 2016 is from Samsung. The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is modeled after Samsung’s 4-Flex, which is a counter-depth refrigerator boasting 30 cubic feet of storage space. The 4-flex has an optional section that allows you to choose temperature settings to customize your unit with either additional refrigerator, freezer, or beverage “chill” space. Needless to say, this refrigerator was already pretty amazing before the 2016 upgrade, but now it will include a 21.5-inch touch screen computer with several capabilities.

Some of the new features offered in the Samsung Family Hub include:

A fully functional tablet on your fridge! Share calendar reminders, post notes, watch TV, or steam Pandora from your refrigerator while you cook!!

Never forget what’s inside: With three cameras mounted inside, this refrigerator captures an image of the fridge’s contents every time you close the door. Use the app on your cell phone to view what’s inside when you’re away from home. Now you’ll never be at the grocery store wondering if you need eggs or milk! Genius.

Never eat spoiled food again: Drag and drop labels to keep track of your refrigerator’s inventory. Now you’ll have the most accurate time to throw out bad food.

Shop Online: Don’t have time to run to the grocery store this week? No problem. Use the MasterCard application built into the refrigerator to buy groceries from FreshDirect or ShopRite.

The Family Hub Refrigerator can be a part of your household for $5,000 in the Spring of 2016.

  • LG Signature Fridge

LG is stepping up to deliver a more eco- and user-friendly refrigerator in 2016. The refrigerator is on the high-end of LG products, and is definitely one of the brand’s sleekest designs.

Hands-free Entry: The LG Signature Refrigerator features an auto-open function that triggers the door to open when it senses you’re close. This is a great design for busy families. Make one trip with your hands full when you’re putting away groceries.

Peruse contents without opening the door. If you’re constantly yelling at your kids to “close the door,” then you’ll love this feature. The Knock-On feature turns lights on inside the refrigerator so that you can see through the glass door. Simply knock on the door to activate the feature, and take your time staring at the contents of the fridge without ever opening the door.

According to reports, this smart appliance will cost you $4,199 and be in stores soon.

  • Whirlpool Smart French Door Refrigerator

The Whirlpool Smart French Door Refrigerator is more about what’s on the inside than the outside bells and whistles. While Samsung and LG have really high-tech features, Whirlpool’s 2016 model plays it smart by using space more efficiently. The improved shelving system allows families to “fit and find” their groceries, fitting 30 percent more food and drinks than other refrigerators. Its shelves are lined with “flippers” that fold up and down to fit both tall and wide items. The new design is modeled after how food is organized and fits inside a dry pantry.

The future of refrigeration is here. For under $5,500, you can have a refrigerator with a computer, an auto-open door, or 30% more storage space. Which model would you choose?